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Columbia Gorge Real Estate


The Columbia Gorge Area, often referred to as the Mid-Columbia Gorge or simply The Gorge, includes property on both sides of the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. Both sides are connected by three different bridges at various locations. At the western-most point of the area is the Bridge of Gods which connects Cascade Locks, Oregon and Stevenson, Washington. At the eastern-most end is the The Dalles Bridge connecting The Dalles, Oregon and Dallesport, Washington. The Hood River Bridge is centrally located and connects Hood River, Oregon with White Salmon/Bingen, Washington.

This Columbia Gorge Area is also located within the National Scenic Area which carries with it both protections and restrictions to help maintain the unique quality of the area. The Gorge includes all areas of Hood River County from the City of Hood River, Westside and Eastside, to Odell, Dee, and Parkdale. Also included on the Oregon side is the larger city of The Dalles, approximately 20 miles east of Hood River, and the small town of Mosier approximately 7 miles due east of Hood River, both of which are in Wasco County.

Areas of The Gorge in Washington are White Salmon, Bingen, Trout Lake, Husum/BZ Corner, Snowden, and Lyle. These towns are located within Klickitat County. The areas of Cook/Underwood, Home Valley, Carson and Stevenson are within Skamania County.

All of these areas are within a 30 minute drive from downtown Hood River.

Vacant land is available but has become more scarce and therefore more expensive. Typically, land prices are somewhat lower and land is more plentiful in Washington. Rural Zoning designations in outlying areas should be carefully researched.



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