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Parkdale, Oregon - Hood River Real Estate

parkdale_hood river real estate
Parkdale is the southern-most community of Hood River County and is sometimes referred to as Mt Hood/Parkdale. It's approximately 15 miles, 20 - 25 minutes driving time, from Hood River and can be accessed from either Hwy 35 or Hwy 241. Parkdale is the bottom of
what locals call the "Fruit Loop."

Parkdale is also the end-of-the line for Mt Hood Raiload which offers scenic excursions and adventures in Hood River Valley.

Parkdale is a very small community of homes situated around the elementary school and Baseline, the main street. Surrounding it are orchards and other farm uses with larger tracts of land. There are
big views of Mt Hood to be had around Parkdale as this is essentially the base of Mt Hood. It's a higher elevation than Hood River and cooler weather typically comes earlier and lasts longer there.

Laurance Lake is accessed through Parkdale. It's a popular spot with fisherman and locals on hot days.
For detailed information about Odell, City-Data is a helpful resource.

parkdale_hood river real estate
Continuing south on Hwy 35, one can access Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort or travel around to the south side of Mt Hood and connect with Hwy 26.

The photo above is the road heading into Parkdale.

The photo to the left is looking west on Baseline, the main street in Parkdale.

The photo below was taken on the way to Laurance Lake.

The two top photos were taken late Fall/early Winter and the bottom was taken in the Summer.

parkdale_hood river real estate