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Odell, Oregon - Hood River Real Estate

hood river real estate
Odell is a small community located just about in the middle of the
Hood River Valley, slightly north of Middle Mountain. It can be accessed from Hood River via Hwy 35 or Hwy 241 and that drive will take
approximately 10-15 minutes. Both of these highways form the
eastern (Hwy 35) and the western (Hwy 241) sides of what locals call the "Fruit Loop."

Odell is home to most of Hood River Valley's fruit packing plants. There are a little over 2000 residents. It's an open, sunny area of rolling hills.

Close in there are typical city-like clusters of homes. Further out there are larger parcels with some orchards and other farm uses. Dukes Valley is a very scenic area within it.

For detailed information about Odell, City-Data is a helpful resource.

hood river real estate
The photo above is the road leading into Odell from Hwy 35.

The photo to the left is of the main street in Odell.

The photo below is looking north from Odell.

These photos were taken late Fall/early Winter.

hood river real estate