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Mosier, Oregon - Hood River Real Estate

parkdale_hood river real estate
Mosier is a small community approximately 7 miles east of Hood River. It is situated just south of I-84 and offers some spectacular views down The Gorge and of The Syncline, a geological formation carved with trails, directly across the river.

Within the town there is a cluster of older homes along with newer construction. Branching south from there is a series of roads leading to larger parcels with some cherry orchards, farm uses or just open rolling hills.

One will note the change in vegetation compared to the Hood River Valley. The Gorge has several microclimates within it and Mosier is notaby different and only 7 miles away.

The famous Twin Tunnels/Mark Hatfield/Columbia River Highway Trail is a section of the Old Columbia Highway connecting Mosier to Hood River. It is approximately 7 miles long and is closed to motorized vehicles. As one enters the town, a paved road veers off to the left and leads to a parking lot for the eastern access to the Trail. That road does continue to wind through hills heading south but it is not paved.

parkdale_hood river real estate Heading into town, there are some small eateries and the Thirsty Woman Pub. There is one small market but no gas station.

One can go through town and head south or southeast along State Road or continue on the road leading into town from I-84 and follow it out of town as it winds above the river. That's Hwy 30 and it's quite scenic as it passes through Rowena Dell and on up to Rowena Crest in the Tom McCall Preserve. This segment is open to motorized vehicles and is a favorite of cuclists and bikers.

The photo above is the road entering Mosier.

The photo to the left is further into Mosier with views of the river and the Totem.

The two top photos were taken late Fall/early Winter and the bottom was taken in the Spring.

The photo below is the lower trail at Rowena Crest in the Tom McCall Preserve.

parkdale_hood river real estate